USMA 2021 Class Motto


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Jul 25, 2016
To those of you joining the Class of 2021: Congratulations! Sometime between R-Day and march back from Camp Buckner in August your class will have to come up with a class motto which will become an integral part of your class identity.

Recent class mottos have included:

2017 So Others May Dream
2018 With Strength We Lead
2019 So Freedom Will Reign
2020 With Vision We Lead

Notice how 2020 seized on the 20/20 vision theme. For the Class of 2021, you will be the only class to graduate in the 21st Century with the year '21, hence there might be a theme there. Some of you might start thinking about it. Something like "Lead the Century".

Food for thought. . .
We will sacrifice

From many, one

Let us have peace

For the future

Patrons of peace

It's in our hands
This is only the third time in USMA history to have a "consecutive" class...


Surely, someone can use that nugget and turn it into something.

Good catch, the consecutive element. Also the blackjack theme. And not all class mottos must rhyme. Good start! Keep them coming.
I love the blackjack theme! Is there anywhere to see what the class moto was for 1819 and 1920? I wonder if there is a spin-off that could be done since they are the only classes with consecutive numbering? Can someone point me to a place to look this up?