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Discussion in 'Military Academy - USMA' started by buff81, Jan 21, 2015.

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    Can any parents provide insight on R-Day? Should we arrive the day before, leave day of or stay the night?

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    We were traveling from the West coast and arrived two days early. Once in NY we headed to WP to walk around and take some family photos. I don't remember if it was this day or the next there was a reception at the Thayer Hotel for the new cadets and families. It was very low key with refreshments and NC's had a chance to talk with their classmates. R-day itself started very early for us and we stayed all day through the parade. It was an emotional day that left us with little energy at the end. Had we been flying out or had a long drive that day I know we would have been hating it. We flew out late the next day and that worked well for us, gave us a chance to walk around WP again keeping an eye out for our NC as they were marching from place to place that day.
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    Your new cadet will have a morning check-in (if I'm remembering correctly they started ~6 am last year and went until 10 am or so). If you are flying, you probably want to arrive the night before and plan extra time for traffic (unless staying very close by), to get through security, park and walk to check-in. Parents/family can stay with the new cadet while waiting in line, then will proceed into an auditorium where there will be a welcome and introductions (can't remember if it was by the Sup). Then the 60/90 second good-bye...literally. That will be the last time you talk to your new cadet until A-Day in August.

    You can spend the rest of the day touring West Point (one of the few times you can visit Constitution Island), buy t-shirts etc, listen to briefings and possibly catch a glimpse of your new cadet going before The Cadet in Red Sash (I did!). That evening (6 pm?) there is a formal parade and introduction of the new class of 20xx. You will not get to talk to your cadet or even get close, but make sure you have your camera to begin your Waldo hunting and arrive early to the seating/stands on the Plain. It will be crowded. Unless you can get a flight out that night, or want to drive home then, your best bet is to spend the night. You will be exhausted, physically (from walking up & down all those stairs and hills) and emotionally. It was very hot & humid last year.

    A-Day is a whole different experience and your cadet will likely want to leave post as soon as possible after the formal parade/acceptance into the Corps of Cadets -- then sleep in a hotel, shower alone, change into civies, go to a movie, spend time with family, relax!....

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