USMA Class of 2020 Maryland Application Stats


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Apologize if this has been posted previously, but I do not regularly check the USMA forum. Below 2020 stats from Maryland were shared by a Field Force Representative at a local county military info event this week:

Applications: 222
Offered Appointment: 12
Accepted: 8

Not part of 222 applications:
Unresolved/Incomplete: 96
Closed/Inactive File: 94

(412 total applications opened)


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Seriously KT...reach out to that guy and would provide amazing insight. The MD/DC/VA crowd--there are so many kids who apply and come with presidential was that 12 offers out of 200 fully qualified kids or out of 30 qualified kids...


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Sorry @DrMom. That was all the data on that one slide. I didn't ask for his contact info because I have no reasons to contact him until you point out a key number is missing!

That said, we all know there is no way to "chance" anyone as we can never know ahead of time how he/she fairs against the competition.