USMA - DoDMERB help?


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Sep 14, 2006
My son's information just showed up on DoDMERB with the following:

Current Medical Status: Application Under DoDMERB Review

R252.30 - DD Form 2379, Statement of History Regarding Head Injury(ies)

D155.40 - Distant visual acuity that does not correct to an acceptable standard

He has not received anything in writing from DoDMERB, is there anything he should be doing now.

For the head injury should I complete the head injury form on the DoDMERB website, would I need to obtain hospital records. In competition he lost consiousness for less than 30 seconds, they insisted he go to the hospital, where he was released within an hour with no medical tests.

For the Vision currently his prescription is (-4.5). I read the thread about Navy Vision disqualification, but this is a little different code than the 20/20. IS USMA requirements any different, and what is acceptable standards. I found the Vision form on the website, should I make an appointment now to take him to his optometrist? If so which parts of the form to complete and does my son need to leave contacts out for 3 days again?

Thanks for answering all the questions on this forum!

The army vision standards are just a little different from the Navy's (the Navy is more strict), I just can't remember right at this point in time what the Army standard is, but I will find out and post it when I do. If you have never heard from your optometrist that your son's vision is uncorrectable to 20/20, the I would definately get a new manifest refraction. If you are aware that your son's distant vision can not be corrected to 20/20 I would still get a new manifest refraction and ask the optometrist to get him as close to 20/20 as possible. West Point waives many more vision issues than Navy/Coast Guard/Merchant Marines If your son wears contacts, make sure they are removed for the appropriate time (3 days for soft, 21 days for hard), try get get the appointment in the morning, and have your sone get plenty of rest the night before (same info as the previous posts). Have your son write a letter requesting a rebuttal of the disqualification to DoDMERB.

For the head injury questionnaire, you can print it off the DoDMERB web site, have your son fill it out, and attach any medical records you may have. From what you have stated it shouldn't be an issue, DoDMERB has to have to form filled out for everyone who has had a head injury. You would be suprised at how many times an applicant states "I was knocked unconcious", and when the records come in it turn out he was unconcious for 2 hours and had a brain bleed.

If you need any more help please feel free to ask, and I will get back with everyone on the Army vision stuff.
Thanks so much for the fast reply. I appreciate the helpful information!

Erbium is correct as far as the refractive error, but for the disqualification that your son received, distant visual acuity not correctable to an acceptable standard, the standard is one eye needs to correct to 20/20 the other eye needs to correct to at least 20/40. So if on the eye exam they had both eyes at 20/25 that would have driven the disqualification. Hope that helps to clear that up.