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    Hey all,

    I'm a candidate from San Diego, one of the largest (if not the largest) Navy towns in the US.
    A few of my friends (applying to USNA) all told me that getting into USMA from San Diego was far easier because everyone interesting in service academies in San Diego would be applying to the Naval Academy.
    Is it true that if you live in a Navy town it's easier to get into West Point?

    USMA 2016
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    Well.. I would say that WP has been trying to reach out to areas that haven't been spitting out that many WP candidates.. Like San Diego.
    But you're best bet is that if you're living in a congressional district that has less than 10 WP candidates, and you're in fair running for a nomination (you don't have outstanding bad grades/conduct), you'll be given a nomination.
    And with a nomination with 3Q, you'll have the same chances as someone in the most competitive Army Town.
    So dont really worry about what advantage/disadvantage you have, just get the appointment.:thumb:
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    Yes, exactly. I think you are asking for confirmation of something that isn't a certainty. Maybe last year 50 people from your district wanted a nomination to USNA, while perhaps only a handful were trying for USMA. As you are applying this year it might be the opposite.

    free advice from your friends (who are also applicants and probably have just as much experience with this process as you do) is worth exactly what you paid for it. :cool:

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