Nov 29, 2016
Hello everyone! Just a few questions:

1. Once you submit the CFA, how long does it take for your status to change on the portal whether you passed or not?

2. Is it possible to receive an admissions decision from USMA before receiving an official waiver, or do they wait until my waiver is officially granted? In other words, could they send me a letter saying I either wasn't competitive enough or I "will" be granted an offer of appointment once I am granted a waiver? I have seen a case of someone getting appointed without an officially granted waiver yet, so I wasn't sure.
1. The update could be overnight, or it could be a couple of weeks - depends on how busy the admissions office is.

2. A "Letter of Assurance" or "LOA" offers an appointment conditioned on meeting medical qualifications, getting a nomination, or whatever else a very strong candidate needs to do to fill in the remaining blanks on a strong application. Another poster has said that there will not be any further LOAs given out this year. More typically, the medical qualification is part of the review process.
Thank you @mmb5!

I saw a case of someone getting an appointment from USAFA 3 months before his waiver was officially granted. I wasn't sure if that was a rare case or what?
I would wager that whoever said they received an appointment prior to being medically cleared (waiver approved) actually received an LOA with the condition being they eventually acquired the waiver. The SA's can't offer an appointment until 3Q status is achieved and a nomination (assuming not a Medal of Honor parent).