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    Hello all, my name is Austin Johnson and I am very interested is the prep school for USMA or USAFA. Here is a list of what I have done so far:

    1. 4.0 GPA since 8th grade and ranked number one-No study halls-in 2 AP classes this year and 2 next year-no “fluff” classes
    2. Class President since freshman year
    3. 3 sports:
    a. Cross Country-major letter 3 years-state competition- Invited to be part of WI state XC team-Most improved player (MIP)-2nd team all conference-team conference champs
    b. Wrestling-major letter 3 years
    c. Track-major letter 3 years-state competition-2nd team all conference-team conference champs

    4. Student council (Vice President + voted most valuable member- 3 years of service
    5. Forensics (speech) (state competitor 3 times)-team conference champs-3 years of competition
    6. FCCLA (similar to student council)-We take part in many service projects around town-3 years of service
    7. Math league-3 years of competition
    8. Quiz bowl (captain)
    9. I have been selected out of the state for a couple organizations:
    a. RYLA- Top 72 out of the state. This was a 4 day leadership camp, I have to write an application and be interviewed/evaluated to receive acceptance.
    b. WI youth board member-This was a conference in which I was nominated by my school. The top 130 teens out of the state were sent to a conference in which I attended, and one of six out of the 136 who were selected to be a part of the youth board.
    c. TLPC- (Teen Leadership Portage County) This is an organization than ran all through my sophomore year, one day out of the month I would gather with 25 other teens from around the county.
    d. Invited to take part in YLC (Youth Leadership Congress) last year and attended. And for this coming summer I was selected to be one of the six youth board members as mentioned before. These 6 kids lead the original 130 top teens of WI.
    e. Taking part in NRECA. This is a leadership trip in Washington DC that is 6 days long. Taking place this summer June 15-21.
    10. Volunteerism in Special Olympics (11 times), and I started an organization through student council that volunteers where needed once a moth (like a soup kitchen).
    11. I will be joining the National Guard this summer at the age of 17
    12.I will have completed basic training by the start of the upcoming school year.(While in the same summer have completed SLS and the NRECA trip as mentioned before)
    13. I am a part of the National Honor Society. Believe it or not, I was actually denied an officer position because the advisor said I was involved in too many things. In NHS we have done many service projects including many hours at the veteran’s hospital
    14. STEM career day. This is a day long course-Six of the freshmen and sophomores who are advanced in science and math in teachers’ eyes were invited to attend this event. I went last year.
    15. SLS (Will be going for the first session)
    16. A part of my school’s Gifted and Talented Program
    17. Scholar athlete award every year in high school
    18. I don’t know if this one matters, but I was a part of the 2012 Prom Court
    19. A part of the National Academic Achievement Society
    20. I have had several papers and poems posted into my school’s literary magazine. I have 2 pieces published.

    This is my basic layout of what I have done up to present day. I have left out a few awards and certificates that I will add in the future.
    But, here is the bad part:
    ACT scores:

    I will try my hardest to get my scores up, but if I do not improve, will West Point or USMAPS even be a realistic goal? I know West Point breaks down the admissions process being Academic 60%, Leadership 30% and Physical 10% and looks at the cadet as a whole, but will what I have done be enough to compensate with my ACT results and make we a strong prep school candidate.

    I have learned that the prep school is primarily reserved to minorities, recruited athletes, and soldiers. Since I will complete basic training by the end of the summer, I will qualify for the soldier category. In addition, (and by no means am I using this as a “crutch” for acceptance) I am part African-American-so I do qualify as a minority as well.

    Sorry I through a lot of information and questions at one time, but please try your best.
    Thank you for your time and efforts.

    Very respectfully:

    Austin Johnson

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