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    A question to the well informed...
    My second son has always wanted to be a Marine, the elder brother always wanted to be a Navy Officer, applied to USNA, was rated a qualified and competitive candidate, partecipated to candidate week end..but ended up not getting the BFE since was only elegible for Vice Presidential nomination (not many of those going around). Easily got into an Ivy College and received a NROTC Scholarship after a first year as a College Programmer..happy outcome .
    The younger brother watched all this and was heartbroken since as a youngster he suffered from Juvenile Reumathoid Arthritis and this would disqualify him from competing for a NROTC Scholarship. He has been in remission for the last three years. Now a freshman at GW majoring in International Affairs and going for a second major in Business.
    He is tempted to show up at the local NROTC Unit, has a contact there and will probably get in touch. He would like to join as a College Programmer, what may his chances be considering his previous health problems?
    BTW no permanent damage from the JRA bout.

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