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Discussion in 'ROTC' started by pinnedalltheway, Mar 11, 2009.

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    I have checked and read alot on this, but haven't received the answer I am looking for.

    From what I have read, a commissioned officer in the Army has a slim chance of flying helos. It seems most, like 99%, of the pilots are warrant officers. The USMC offers a flight guarantee. I understand there is a written test involved and a few other things, but can this be done prior to entering college on the NROTC MC option scholorship?

    What is the earliest a person can receive a flight guarantee from the USMC?

    Realistically, what are the chances of a commissioned Army officer actually flying helos?

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    I pm'ed you last night with contact info for an Army 2LT out of an East Coast ROTC program who's going to helo training. He's willing to be contacted and tell you what he knows about helo options for Army line officers -- more than you think. Let me know if you didn't receive the PM, and I will re-send.
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    I'm currently in the aviation community in the Navy...not a pilot/nfo but have recently gone through a bit of the training pipeline for all USN/USMC and quite a few USCG/USAF pilots-to-be.

    I don't have much interaction on the Army side, but I have always been told that as an officer once you make O3 or so you will spend much more time flying a desk than a helo. I would definately hook up with the guy you were sent info on as he would best know.

    As far as contract far as I know there are no contracts for an entering ROTC freshman. There are way too many variables that I can think of for them to offer that, but I've been wrong before. The only people I know who were "guaranteed" aviation billets are those who have graduated college on their own and go to OCS on an aviation contract in the Navy or go to TBS/OCS with an aviation contract in the Marine Corps.

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