USMC ROTC Awardee has Braces! Question....


May 31, 2017
My son was a first board recipient of a Marine Option scholarship, and is presently doing all the DOD health stuff. He has braces, and unfortunately he has my teeth and the time on has been extended.

Does anyone know about rules for braces? Can he go on cruise with them on?

Also, wisdom teeth? Do they need them out?
No problem with braces.
If he selects aviation he'll have to have them off before he gets to Pensacola.
He can finish up with Invisalign if needed.
Not a plug for Invisalign, just know they are allowed.
My DD made an appointment before leaving for cruise to have her wisdom teeth out when she returned. While on cruise (on a carrier) she took a tour of the ship including the doctor and dentist. The dentist said he wasn't busy so he took them out the next morning. Saved me having to pay a dentist.
My son joined the National Guard and had to have his braces removed before basic. He was thrilled to have them off.