USMMA, DODMERB and heart repair

Discussion in 'DoDMERB' started by SnerdlyBosco, May 9, 2011.

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    Son is 17 and ready to start application process for USMMA. He had surgery at four to correct an A/V canal defect in his heart. He takes no meds and has no limits to his activity: he’s a competitive dinghy sailor and JV cross-country runner.

    As I read forum responses, I gather that his DODMERB will result in an initial denial because of the surgery, but that his fitness might be considered as a reason for a waiver.

    QUESTION: He’s having a full battery of stress tests this week in order to get SCUBA certified: 1) a contrast echocardiogram, 2) 24 hours on a Holter/ECG monitor, and 3) a treadmill stress test.

    Assuming that his cardiologist’s opinion might be a part of the process, what specific questions might we ask of him as we review all these tests next week? Or, said another way, what might reviewers need to know in order to best consider him?

    Appreciate any counsel.
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    Cut and paste your posting, provide complete name and last 4 SSN of applicant, and send to me in an email at I will reply this weekend:thumb:

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