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Hello everyone!
The admission essay prompt for the USMMA this year is as follows:

Biographical Sketch/Essay: You must submit a Biographical Sketch/Essay of at least 500 words. Upload your essay directly to the portal in .pdf format. Be sure to include your Full Name at the top of the page. You must include your reasons for wishing to attend the Academy, a discussion of your curriculum preference, the development of your career interest as a result of your high school classes, hobbies and activities, including any sailing experience, seaman’s experience, and/or military experience. You must also state your understanding and willingness to accept the service obligation upon graduation.

All of this is pretty clear except for the part requesting my "curriculum preference". I'm not sure what they want here. Are they looking for the subjects I most enjoyed in school, are they asking what I'm considering for a major, or something else? Any help here would be greatly appreciated, since this is the only part of they essay that's uncompleted.


reading just what you have here is --they want to know what you would like to get your degree in. What classes have you taken in high school that you have really enjoyed and thus decided on a major in post-high school? Do your hobbies and activities reflect what you like to do in your off time? This is just my two cents and first impression of the paragraph you have written. Could you be over thinking it?


Ditto to what jbs123 said. There are 2 main areas of study at KP, deck and engine. Have your son read the "majors" file which will give more info. Just go to the main website, click on Academics, and then to the left click on Curriculum and Majors.
Just please don't say you want to attend to join the band and earn a music degree.

Joking sure your essay is honest, but make sure you goals align with the school mission...learning to be a commercial mariner.