USMMA Recruiting

Keep in mind that 3 of the other 4 academies are Division One schools. As a Division Three school, Kings Point does not recruit to the extent D1 schools do. If you are interested in a sport at USMMA, contact the coach and express your interest.
following kpmom2013, as a DIII school (DII for some sports/club sports) there is no "recruiting" where the teams get certain spots to use, etc. It is a DIII rule. At the DOD academies, the sports have "golden tickets" they can use. Not so at USMMA. The Coaches can assist, however, and this assistance can be very helpful if there is an athlete that the coach wants.
All of the Sports and some of the extracurriculars (especially Band) at KP can provide commentary to Admissions - but as the above members state - they don't have Golden Tickets or LOA capability. That said - they do have influence so reach-out and connect to the Coaches or Directors. Good luck (PS - KP'93!)