USMMA Ring Dance


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Jun 9, 2006
The class of 2009 will hold it's Ring Dance on August 22 at the following location:

A limited number of special pricing on a block of rooms is being held for KP Midshipmen if they choose to stay the night in the city at:

Tickets for the ball - $400.00
The evening's accommodations - $270.00
Ring - $$$$.$$
Getting to hit your sibling/s with your new 2 lb. knocker over fall break - Priceless :biggrin:
Ring dance

The sofitel hotel does not have special pricing for kp midshipmen. I tried calling them a few times. Do you have anymore info on this?
Semper Gumby as usual. LOL Son sent the following email a few weeks ago. Sorry.... I should have posted the changes. Seems the kids are on their own. Son booked at Hotel Penn but when I looked into it, I found that there is construction going on there in addition to pretty bad ratings from the travel sites. I dunno. I wasn't too impressed. But then again.... the price is right for in the city. Anyhoooo, here s the email:

Hello Class of ’09!

August 22nd is fast approaching and Ring Dance will be here before we know it. If you have not made Hotel Reservations this email is for you. This year we are doing it differently from the previous years; you will be individually responsible for booking your hotel room. I have searched for hotels in the area of Gotham Hall (where Ring Dance will be held) and have compiled information on 6 hotels in the immediate area that are within walking distance (even for a girl in high heels). I was given advice about hotel shopping for the lowest price: ask the person taking your reservation what the “best rate” is. Follow that question by asking about any “promotional rates” they have. And in our case ask them about their “Military Rate” last. This should give you a good nightly rate for a room. The earlier you book, the better, so check out the following web sites and make your phone calls soon! Remember Friday, August 22nd, 2008 is Ring Dance!

1) Bryant Park Hotel 212-869-0100

2) Hotel Pennsylvania 212-736-5000

3) New Yorker Hotel 212-971-0101

4) The Hotel at Times Square 212-719-2300

5) Radisson Martinique and Broadway 212-736-3800

6) Hotel Metro 212-947-2500

These are the hotels closest to Gotham Hall with the best prices for the area. Of course there are many more that are close by, no one is forcing you to go to any of these, I am just providing options. Let me know if there are any questions. I’m looking forward to seeing you all soon!


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