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Nov 25, 2007
For some reason I cannot post this on the "suggestions" thread...

I noticed today we only have four academies represented on the forum skin at the top of the page. I'm assuming the midshipmen up there are from the Naval Academy, so I'm respectfully requesting the addition of my merchant friends from the US Merchant Marine Academy.

We'd be happy to add a USMMA picture to the header graphic (Kamikazi does our header graphics). However, we need some image ideas. It's difficult to find a USMMA image, so if you have any ideas please post them.

There were permissions problems on the Suggestions/Issues/Comments forum but those have been fixed, so I've moved the thread.
Is there a link to a photo gallery there that I'm missing? I only see the Indoc links.
You could throw the Kings Pointer next to EAGLE up there...

just a suggestion, I'm not the most "informed" person when it comes to the web; don't tell my cubicle neighbor though...:biggrin:
Please let us know what you think of the new banner, thanks to Kamikazi, our resident graphics expert. :thumb:
I like it, and I assume the guy second from the left is USCGA....

....the ONLY thing I see wrong is it looks like the Coastie's picture is the inverse of the real picture...he's holding his sword with the "left" hand (something that doesn't even feel right even thinking about)...

That might just be a little too picky though, so you don't really have to change it.

Thanks for adding the Merchant Marine Academy. I like the way the banner looks!