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    Greetings! Could anyone give me some idea of what to expect at the upcoming USNA 2/C parent weekend in September? We have rented a house and have our football tickets, but I was wondering if we can expect our mid to get any overnights or what types of activities are planned for the parents. Will any type of communication from USNA come to parents directly, or is all through our mid? If this is the case, we may never learn anything about the weekend at all!!! :shake:
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    Usually there's a blanket weekend awarded to 2/C, so unless your mid is weekend ineligible for some reason, he'll be free from Friday through Sunday aside from the game. I think there's a brief and other funtivities for parents on Thursday, not sure what else.

    The biggest thing about parent's weekend is that on Friday you can go to classes with your mid, eat in King Hall, and go up to their room in Bancroft (which probably will look a little different than it did during Plebe Parents' Weekend). Use common sense about which classes you go to (your mid will help you think this through). For example, if he has a history class with zero empty seats or something wicked boring like EE, maybe don't go to those classes.

    A quick word of caution: be mindful, and please don't take this the wrong way, that your mid's got a lot of stuff going on. It may have just been the timing because my class's parents' weekend was at a weird time, but 2/C parents' weekend was very stressful for me as far as balancing school (it was a really busy week) and making sure my parents were doing alright.
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    And if you have a special restaurant dinner in mind, make reservations now. The 50 year reunion of '62, and 40 year reunion of '72, other reunion classes (reunion classes schedule various company and team dinners durings a 2-4 day reunion weekend), an expected sold-out game vs. VMI, and oh yes, all those family members of 2014...well, Naptown will be overflowing.
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    As MJ said. Reunions and Football games create a major problem for resteraunts and reservations. Skip King Hall:thumb: but get your reservations for a local dinner now. Our lunch choice was always

    House rental was great for us during some years with lots of down time and plenty of room for everyone to spread out and Mid and friends to relax.
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