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Discussion in 'Naval Academy - USNA' started by grevar, Jul 29, 2013.

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    My DS received an email from an admissions officer at the USNA stating he was going to be in our town later this month stating he would be available to meet with him to "discuss the Naval Academy". He was inviting him to RSVP as to whether he would like to meet to discuss his future.

    Can anyone tell me if this is strictly a recruiting event? My DS is 100% complete with his application and has been qualified by DODMERB. He doesn't want to blow this off, nor does he want to attend if it is strictly a recruiting event. He emailed the officer, but hasn't got a response back yet. I read one post on here that one candidate last year was handed an LOA at one of these "meetings" and it was a total surprise to the candidate.

    Any thoughts here? Is this something normal that all candidates are "invited" to?
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    Don't know ifits normal or not but IMO it would be stupid to not take advantage of an opportunity to meet with an Admissions Officer regardless of the circumstances.
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    I attended a personal admissions briefing with an LT in the admissions department and was invited to another one in my area today. If yours will be anything like mine then I would say it will probably be geared toward recruiting. The LT showed me a PowerPoint with general stuff about the Naval Academy and gave me a packet with my candidate number and instructions on the application process. It also had some other stuff in it like vthe course validation policy among other things, but nothing you couldn't find online if you looked for it. The man was very nice and very professional, but was not himself a USNA grad and therefore could not answer some of the daily life questions that I was interested in.

    Overall I did not learn very much that I did not know already, buying would say it was a benefit to make a good impression (I hope!) on somebody in the admissions office.

    Hope this helps.
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    Do it. Nothing to lose and much to gain.

    I wouldn't pass up an opportunity to have a chat with an officer. There are some things you can't get from reading stuff online.
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    To the original poster, your son should be in "sell myself" mode. If he hasn't received an appointment, the only thing meeting with admissions officers could do is benefit him (unless he really screws it up).

    It's not the time for "I'm too good for recruiting events with a school I applied to" or "recruiting events are a waste of time" (even if they may be).

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