USNA Admissions FAQs -- "What Are My Chances"

This depends on a lot...much of that information we don't have. One factor is that your HS offers higher level math, and you are taking regular CP vs AP. It's better to take CP Math and master the concepts compared to taking a AP class and not mastering the subject. Another factor will be your ACT/SAT math super scores. Remember it's not all about academics. It's also about your ECAs, leadership (potential), physical fitness and Sports (yes, your likelihood of an appointment increases with participation in Varsity Sports). Give the information you provided, I would continue on with CP Math courses. You did not say what year you are in HS and what CP Math course you earned a 99% in? Many people get appointed without all AP courses. Also a big factor is who you are competing with on the one or more Nomination Slates that you end up on. If possible try to obtain math tutoring even if you are earning an A in the class.