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Discussion in 'Service Academy Events' started by dozersmate, Jul 28, 2016.

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    Apr 22, 2016
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    Just received the following list from USNA Admissions. No specifics included, yet.
    20 Aug 2016--Atlanta, GA
    21 Aug 2016--Columbia, SC
    27 Aug 2016--Tuscaloosa, AL
    10 Sep 2016--Sacramento, CA
    17 Sep 2016--New Orleans, LA
    17 Sep 2016--Norfolk, VA
    18 Sep 2016--Pascagoula, MS
    25 Sep 2016--Columbus, OH
    01 Oct 2016--Tulsa, OK
    15 Oct 2016--Houston, TX
    29 Oct 2016--Detroit, MI
    29 Oct 2016--Tampa, FL
    06 Nov 2016--Jacksonville, FL
    12 Nov 2016--Dallas, TX
    09 Dec 2016--Baltimore, MD
    14 Jan 2017--Philadelphia, PA
    11 Mar 2017--Phoenix, AZ
    11 Mar 2017--Memphis, TN
    18 Mar 2017--Los Angeles, CA

    No specifics yet, but save the date and keep your eyes peeled for more info.

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