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Discussion in 'Naval Academy - USNA' started by SmilingParent, May 20, 2010.

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    As parent of incoming plebe Class of 2014, should we join the alumni association? It seems quite pricey? What are the benefits?

    Also should DS join and have the $180/yr come out of his pay?

    The Navy Credit union seemed to have alot of fees that I didn't expect. Advice there? My local Bank of America is free for him right now.

    Advice is appreciated. So much to do but thankful for it.:shake:
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    Can't really comment on the alumni association membership for parents. DD joined. It's the cheapest, most painless way for a future grad to join (her reasoning).

    wrt NFCU: I don't remember the fees they charge, but I suggest that Mids join NFCU for at least Plebe year, to give them reasonably easy access to their account. There is a NFCU office right on the Yard. As Plebes, they will only have a few hours each week to leave the Yard, and they will do most of their traveling on foot. My DD quickly quit using the HS checking account she had through my bank (Chase), because the ATMs we found near the Yard all charged fees when she tried to use her debit card. I suggest that you check to see if BoA has free access ATMs within easy walking distance of the Yard before your Plebe decides to/not to join NFCU.

    Congratulations to you and your incoming Plebe!
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    I don't know that a parent needs to join. Not sure of the benefits to parents. I'd check with your local parents club. Mids should join as plebes. You'll never miss the money and you do get benefits after you graduate, such as Shipmate (the alum magazine), Midstore privileges, and other stuff. I would advise son to become a "life member." Almost all of us did it. As I said, you'll never miss the money and you'll never pay again as an alum. I've now been a member for 25 yrs and didn't pay a dime beyond what I paid as a mid. And, if I'd have the extra money as a mid, I would have spent it on stuff that would have been a lot less valuable in the long run.:smile:

    NFCU is great b/c it's right there in Mother B. And there's a branch on almost every naval base in the world. They have some great deals on loans and there are no minimum balances so, for folks like mids who are often short on cash, they won't get nickled and dimed to death. I'm actually surprised there are fees -- I believe you but surprised. In my day, all you needed for NFCU was $5 in a savings account. :rolleyes:
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    I have maintained a savings and checking at NFCU for many decades - we decided to go with NFCU last year - with direct deposit there are services one gets for no charge - as above poster said - one must have a savings account to have the checking - min of $5 balance in savings as I recall.
    The only other option that came close was USAA's bank - but decided for now to go with nfcu - for instance - son uses a debit ard tied only to checking - uses nfcu's on line ability to move ceratin amount into checking, leaving most in savings (he gets higher dividend rate in savings) but also that money is protected - only checking account funds are at risk. As I recall, NFCU explained that to use a ATM, if NOT nfcu, would be refunded up to $10 worth of charges per month -
    hope this helps
    larry's mom

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