USNA Application Review


Feb 5, 2018
I completed my USNA application by September 27th and was medically cleared in mid October. I received a principal nomination in January. The USNA requested that my school send my fall semester transcript (7th semester), which they did, however my school counselor sent the wrong transcript. I got a call from Admissions saying that they received the wrong transcript when the board reviewed my application Feb 22nd, needless to say, I had the correct transcript sent that day. My CIS was updated with the correct transcript on Feb 28th and I contacted Admissions to verify that the correct information was received, but my application still says "complete pending review." I contacted my BGO to get her advice and she says that it should not negatively impact my application because it was not my fault. It has been over a week, and my fear is that because of the delay my application will be over looked as more spots are being filled. I understand that each MOC is guaranteed that at least one of their nominees will be appointed and typically that is the principal nominee, but I am still worried. What are your thoughts?
Doesn't sound like the wrong transcript being sent will be a big deal. It happened, you immediately addressed and corrected the problem and also followed up on it with admissions and your BGO. Any further follow up on this issue may be counterproductive. You've done all you can do. Now the hard part...wait. You may be waiting for a while yet, could be mid-April before you know anything. Good luck.
The delay will not impact you. If you are the principal nomination, USNA will evaluate whether you are qualified ....that is probably why they were asking for your 7th Semester grades.
I wouldn’t worry at all. My app got delayed for a good while due to similar complications and I still received an appointment without issue