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Discussion in 'Naval Academy - USNA' started by LWS95, Feb 9, 2013.

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    Just a quick question about sports at the USNA. I am interested in trying out for the Combat Arms Team, but I might also have an opportunity to run cross country. Would I be able to do both or would I have to choose?
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    D1 cross-country takes up a lot of time and it is very likely that your meets and CAT events would conflict. I'd say it is very unlikely (bordering impossible) to do both.
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    Non Recruited Athletes

    Follow up question...
    As a D1 school, I imagine most sports teams are filled solely with recruited athletes. Are there any that sometimes do 'open tryouts'? Also, are club teams terribly competitive to partake in?
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    It is possible, but extremely difficult to walk on to the varsity teams. One of my old plebes just walked on to the track team. The exceptions are sports like crew where not that many people have experience from high school. Walking on to football, basketball, etc.? Essentially impossible.

    Some of the club sports are tougher to get onto than others (like men's hockey). Since they can't officially recruit, walking on is very possible.

    I'll add that CAT and IST (infantry skills team) are very tough to get on to. If I'm remembering correctly there's phases to their tryouts including physical tests and interviews. Very few guys make it and one of them (can't remember if it's CAT or IST) only allows you to try out plebe year.
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    I keep trying to get information on the crew team and I can't get deep details. My DS has researched the boat house, team history, has spoke with the coach, and other assorted information but it's tough to get info on being part of the team.

    All that being said by the time my DS finishes high school he will have 7 years of rowing experience. To date and in short he has one undefeted season and two seasons of state championship wins. He will also attend the Navy crew camp.

    I see that Hurricane12 posted: "extremely difficult to walk on to the varsity teams" --- "exceptions are sports like crew". I know the sport (crew) well and also know that my DS is seated in a position where very, very, very, few get involved with.

    According to my DS he really loves the the school, it has exactly what he wants to study, has wanted to go into the Navy, and wants to continue crew in college (now at the academy more than anyplace else, he has to maintain a B, C, D, and etc. plans).

    I thought any of the varsity teams at the academy were (as I understood it) almost as difficult to get on as it is to get into the academy.

    I don't want to burst the kids bubble but aside from maintaining his HS academics, work history, community and vol work, two sports and varsity letters. What else would he need to do to get into the school and onto the crew team? I guess that was an openended question!

    As I said I have had a lot of great guidance and feedback in my research and from what my DS feeds me but I just can't seem to get to the bottom of him becoming part of the crew team.

    Any deeper detail will help...thank you:bang:!
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    Send me a PM and I can fill you in with what I know of Navy crew. DS has had some experience there.

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