USNA - Breathalyzer tests deter alcohol abuse among Mids

Discussion in 'Academy/Military News' started by Luigi59, Aug 17, 2012.

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    Mids whose blood alcohol content exceeds .08 percent are “flagged for intervention from their chain of command.” That could mean anything from substance abuse treatment to disciplinary action, according to academy policy.

    Excellent idea.
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    With the kind of drinking that occurs are most service academies, are they willing to put large portions of classes into treatment? Of course, we're often talking binge drinking.
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    Color me skeptical, to say the least.

    Edited to add:

    I guess I just kind of wonder about making this sort of thing official and monitored by the administration. The .08 BAC part made me laugh out loud: if they hauled in every mid who blew over a .08 on a Friday night coming back from DTA for alcohol counselling, they'd have to hold the sessions in Alumni Hall. A .08 BAC makes a person ineligible to drive a car, not walk back to their rack. I mean, for me, a .08 is around 3 drinks. A night out in DTA was decidedly not around 3 drinks, and I'm far from an alcoholic.

    Also, most mids actually have a decent amount of common sense and, more importantly, police each other. There's the occaisional incident, but most mids are responsible enough to:
    -not drive after drinking
    -not hop the wall/commit other conduct offense after drinking
    -come back and go direct to the rack, i.e., not go mess with plebes, hang out in the hall, be loud, or other stupid crap

    And, when they aren't, it's usually "handled" and corrected...without using the conduct system. If the behavior gets worse, then, sure, sometimes kicking it up to the administration works. There are people in the Brigade who abuse alcohol and consequently make bad decisions, I'm just leery about cutting out the informal system and going straight to the conduct system and officer/SEL chain of command.

    It also just shows to me that USNA (and, from what it sounds like, Big Navy/USMC) have decided to keep sending weird mixed signals about alcohol usage.
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    Glad I'm not a mid!

    I've heard too many cases of "Cadet Y did something stupid, and had 2 drinks at dinner. ALCOHOL HIT!" Didn't matter if the situation was a result of or even significantly related to the effects of alcohol...or at least that was the appearance and general impression.

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