USNA Candidate Visit Weekend

Still haven't heard back from SLS (going to an Army sports camp and meeting with coaches anyway), but I was just rejected from NASS. Glad to see that the CVW is a good indicator of life there, definitely going.
Love the "cool shirts" from NASS. CVW is the best indication of life at the Academy and as previously stated parents get formal briefings and some in depth information along with Q&A sessions. If I remember correctly you can request a plebe you know. If you get an invitation I would highly recommend attending. If you don't get an invitation ask your BGO to work one out. DD had LOA and didn't get NASS or CVW. We received a CVW invitation after requesting one through her BGO. Bring treats for your Plebe.:thumb: Evaluations during CVW has been debated for a long time. Some say no and some say yes.

So you can request a plebe you know? I'll look into more, haha.
I have never received any instruction on CVW evaluations for Admissions. Not sure what's going on there.

I've never done one for the drags I've had, that's for sure.

This weekend and April 25th are the last CVWs this year. If you want one, request quickly.
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I have never received any instruction on CVW evaluations for Admissions. Not sure what's going on there.

I've never done one for the drags I've had, that's for sure.

This weekend and April 25th are the last CVWs this year. If you want one, request quickly.

so net/net is this any value? My daughter feels like its the looser prize. We know of the cadets that this is what they went to and were very happy with it, and I see value, but anyone can go, its not special. But, I admit its nicer than the AFA did, were not interested. Even with GPA, ACT and Class rank higher than the Avg from last years class, were still rejects.
CVW is a lot better than NASS. Take advantage of the invite.:thumb: It ain't a looser, it is an invitation for the top people that the Academy is looking at. Not anyone can go. CVW is way above NASS. Talk to your BGO about an invite.
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CVW Is not way above NASS as NASS is not way above a CVW. Both are for a candidate to see if USNA is for them. If you get an invite for NASS or CVW do at least one!
CVW Vs NASS. Take CVW. Summer NASS is way less than CVW. It is summer school compared to CVW. Do both if you can but do CVW if you have a choice.
Again niether is better. At CVW all you are is a fly on the wall they don't even let you participate in any PT. During NASS you will do a mock sea trial, a PEP workout with a Navy SEAL, and do PEP every morning. Not saying that NASS is like being in USNA, but same can be said of CVW. Plebes like having a drag so the uperclassmen back off a little, so the drag does not get the true picture.

Both have value and one is not better than the other.
I had much more fun at the NASS which was more actively engaging. The CVW was alot of sitting around while your plebe studied. Of course, the weather was horrible at CVW so that didnt help.
At CVW all you are is a fly on the wall they don't even let you participate in any PT

I got to attend a CVW back in October, and that's entirely true. You are a fly on the wall. My plebe's company commander talked to me a little while he was quizzing my plebe on his pro knowledge, but the teachers all ignored me and the other drags in the classes. However, I did get to participate in Saturday Morning Training, which was PT for my company, but it was optional, we didn't have to (but why would I miss out on that oppurtunity?). While I can't speak to Summer Seminar as of yet, I am ecstatic to have an oppurtunity to attend both, and I want to tell you that you DEFINATELY should go to the CVW if you can. It was fun and informative.
At CVW all you are is a fly on the wall they don't even let you participate in any PT.

Incorrect. The only time this happened was for Winter Sea Trials.

Not saying that NASS is like being in USNA, but same can be said of CVW.

I beg to differ. A CVW is being at USNA during the academic year. That's a lot better of a representation than NASS. NASS does not remotely portray anything. It does not show you how Plebe Summer will work and it does not show you how Plebe Year will work.

Sure, CVWs are dull. All you do is follow your mid around while he eats meals, goes to class, goes to sports, studies, and sleeps. Professional Knowledge quiz on Friday. SMT on Saturday. Well, daily life here isn't going to be particularly exciting. Sometimes it is, and sometimes it's just another Friday.

I think USCGA does it right. If NASS were structured that way, candidates would at least get a taste of Plebe Summer.
For What it is Worth

For What it is Worth...From a BGO:
Go to NASS if you can.
Go to CVW if you can.
Advantage of NASS is (hopefully) getting the Fitness Exam done and being 'courted' by USNA for a week...and most kids love it (but in his view it is in NO WAY a real representation of Academy life).
Advantage of CVW is getting to see the place truly in action and having time with a plebe.

Bottom line: Go to both if you can. If you can't, go to whichever one you can do. Just be glad for a shot and take advantage of it, in whatever form you can.

I attended a CVW in October and I can tell you I was certainly more than a fly on the wall. The professors I met were very nice and willing to answer any questions. I was actually able to meet with a math professor during her office hours. She provided great information about the curriculum at USNA and showed a genuine interest in my background. On Friday evening, my host's squad invited me to attend their outing, which was dinner in DTA and a trip to a local attraction. On both Friday and Saturday mornings, I participated in PT. Overall, it was a great experience and I encourage all candidates to attend!
I don't know but I believe that cvw was a big factor in my DS making a choice between Academies. I took him to USMA and USAFA. I am a USMA grad and he was dead set on following in my path. Not only was he able to see what life is really like, but I was impressed by the Navy's willingness to sell their program to every candidate. I played the alumni card at USMA and got special treatment but it still fell short of what USNA did for every attendee.
DS went to both. He really enjoyed NASS but understood it was a small look at what things can be like but are usually not. NASS is essentially a recruitment tool and has a evaluation component (PFT) for those that decide to apply. CVW was more of an information session, He went in Feb and was able to get a impression of what it is like during that time of year but the drags were not allowed to do PT because it was 10 degrees with a wind chill. He decided he wanted USNA after NASS and in his words "nothing that he heard or saw during CVW has changed that" but he truly was a fly on the wall drag. We did learn alot about his options for majors and talking to the midshipmen was truly informative.
I am a reapplicant to the US Naval Academy and an official candidate for the Class of 2020. I received an email yesterday informing me that I have been invited to participate in a Candidate Visit Weekend. Needless to say, I was pretty excited being that it is invitation only. I do, however have a few concerns about the matter.

1. While completing the submission form, a question regarding if we are a "junior, senior, or post graduate" came up. I am a reapplicant, so I chose "post graduate" as I am a college freshman. Underneath this section it read "Unfortunately, if you are not a junior or senior, you are not able to attend". Does this mean I am not able to go? Why would they even invite me if only juniors and seniors can go and knew I was a rising freshman (as I put in my application)? I emailed my BGO regarding this, then emailed him again saying that I think it is referring to people YOUNGER than junior or senior. He asked if I was going to go in his response, showing no indication that I wouldn't be able to go. The concern arose again upon reading some responses in this forum that said the same thing about not being able to go if you are not a junior or senior. For the most part, I believe I can go even with me being a college freshman. I just want to be sure I have my facts straight.

2. How competitive do you have to be to be offered a slot at CVW? I know it is largely based on the level of completion on the application, but I can't imagine they give it to everyone who is more than halfway they? Does the fact that I was invited (I was not invited last year) show that I have a higher chance than some people of getting an appointment?

Any insight would be helpful and much appreciated!
Your invitation to a CVW is certainly a promising sign, but not an indication of whether or not you would receive and appointment. One big thing in your favor is that everyone in the process (USNA, nominating sources) likes re-applicants. Good luck!
For those of you on here that are candidates and have been invited to a CVW, this is an event that is equally important for your parents. If it's doable tell your parent(s) they must go too. The USNA rolls out the red carpet for them. 2 days of seminars with Mids from all 4 years, academic staff, admissions officers, and tours of the math and science labs were incredibly informative. All of the 2 days was a big Q&A session for us in every aspect of earning an appointment as, well as Mid life. I supported my DS from the time he was in 8th grade when he said this was what he wanted to do. When we got in the car to go home after CVW, he looked at me and said "I want to come here now more than ever" , and because of my experience; I did too.
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