USNA Class of 2026 Appointment List: Self-Maintained and DIY

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Sep 27, 2008
It’s September, so the first drip of OFFERS OF APPOINTMENT will not be long in coming. Let’s have another great season of sharing good news!

THE FORMAT: This is the simplest and oldest format, a straight text list, no formatted tables, that is described in following paragraphs. If you decide to import a table or spreadsheet format to “help” the thread, please take full responsibility for it to the end of the cycle. Provide clear instructions. Check in regularly to help those who have trouble with it. Rescue those who give up or don’t bother and just leave a name in the hope someone will scoop it up and add it. The Class of 2025 list sputtered to a halt in a shambles, with names left behind and frustration abounding, until a kindly poster re-converted the data back to a simple list. Most posters can handle the simple list, and other posters find it relatively easy to help duplicate a simple list. Having a complete list at the end of the cycle can give hints of trends and is just plain fun to watch.

This is self-reporting, self-updating and DIY. Mods don't update the list. Kindly posters occasionally do, but the burden falls on posters to copy the list, add their entry and post the updated list.

WHO SHOULD POST: This is meant primarily to be a list of appointees to USNA (candidates with NAPS offers [Class of 2027] should celebrate in their own thread), so we can see the class build. If you have a question to ask, it probably deserves its own thread, and this one can stay relatively true to its purpose.

Copy the most recent list, paste into new post, use the next number, enter your info in a similar format, post. If you don’t do this, and just post an entry and not the updated list, you risk the next poster updating the last list, the one without your name, and leaving your entry stranded and not included. Please do the neighborly thing and update the entire list with your entry.

Just using the Quote function and adding an entry does not create a complete, updated, new list, usable by the next poster. But - you can try using the Quote function, deleting the “quote stuff” at beginning and ending of list text does give you the list in non-quote form. Add your entry.

Don’t forget to go back and update Undecideds! Same drill - Copy list, paste into new thread, update your entry, post.

Next appointment number)
/SAF forum name: self, DD, DS
/Notified of Appointment Date
/Accepted or Declined or Undecided
/Nom sources
/via NAPS, Foundation prep, self-prep, college re-applicant or applicant, direct appoint from HS, enlisted, re-appointment

** State and any other specific information is always optional, in the interests of privacy.**

1)Navyalltheway2026/DD/Oct 7, 20/Accepted/VA-Sen, Presidential Nom/direct appoint

2)Anchorsaway/Self/Feb 14, 2022/Undecided/NJROTC, MOC/direct appoint

3)Fleetprior/Self/May 1, 2022/Accepted/SECNAV/NAPS

4)Hopefulsquid/DS/June 1, 2022/Accepted/VP/direct

Here’s the link to the Class of 2023, as an example:

USNA Class of 2023 Do-It-Yourself Appointment Thread

Here’s the link to Class of 2025:
Thread 'USNA Class of 2025 Appointments Update-Entire-List-Yourself'

Since I usually start this one every year, I reserve the right to add musical interludes as a morale-builder, which may not strictly adhere to the stated purpose of the thread, but I enjoy doing.
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I don't understand starting this thread so early in the admissions cycle, far before most nomination deadlines. It's just adding more pressure to the already insanely pressure filled scenario of SA admissions. And I wholeheartedly agree on the LOA point above.
There are candidates who are offered appointments this time of year, usually those with service-connected noms, or other non-elected official noms, and this allows the community to rejoice in their good fortune. It’s simply the start of the annual cycle of appointment flows.

The pressure of deadlines to meet will be whatever the candidate decides to experience as they focus on their journey. Every year, more appointments are offered than are accepted. The data usually only represents roughly 10% of the eventual class size. People are always free to avoid this thread entirely - until that hoped-for joyous moment they have the fun of posting an appointment, whether they do it in September or June.
I agree with @Capt MJ. Having the thread early and including the LOA info provides more good data points and a better chance for discussion for applicants and parents.

If the pressure is a problem, well maybe.......;)
I was thankful that my son and I didn’t know what an LOA was before he got one. The analysis is fruitless. I do agree the thread should start around an appointment is offered.
Agree with @captmj to start the thread now. No reason to wait. And I can't wait to see the posts! How awesome!

I say 2026ers post what info you want, but from a spectator's perspective the more the better! Why ding people because they got super-duper early appointments, an LOA (or gasp, even a LOE which started circa 2024 cycle!) or anything else they are proud to report? I think in USCGA 2024 candidates also had intended majors. Like Iris Apfel says, more is more and less is boring!
Now I feel like the USNA train is moving at FULL STEAM! Feels like yesterday DS completed this for his 2024 appointment and we are now looking at 2026!
I can't agree more with the format request. Last year's list was a disaster!
Time has flown! I will always remember the day I posted our 2024 on that thread. Priceless. Congrats to all who are able to post their DD or DS or their own appointment here.
Thank you to @Capt MJ for heralding the moment each year, and for the much needed musical interludes.
Unfortunately I was busy Lurking in the background last year but I can say for sure I enjoyed the festivities. Very exciting to see each individual achievement . It is truly a life changing moment. I also found it very educational. It shows how different the road traveled is for each new appointment.
This thread, in particular, is a finely tuned machine. No need to question…just go with the amazing flow of appointments and musical interludes.

WAIT 💯🙌!!!

Lets GOOOOOOO #USNA26 (HOW can that BE???) 💙⚓🇺🇸♥️
We had some word-of-mouth intel that a few LOAs were given out at a recent CVW. It could be possible we will start seeing a drip or two out of the appointment spigot. If one of those LOA recipients has a service-connected nom AND everything else including CFA and DoDMERB are good to go AND USNA was ready to make an offer AND the applicant accepted AND they just happen to report here…

In the meantime, enjoy HM Royal Marines Band. “My Heart Will Go On.” Use headphones/earbuds.
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Wow...DS just hit his first 6 weeks! hard to believe 13 weeks ago we dropped him off for I-Day for C/O 2025 and now we will see start of the C/O 2026 list. I joined this forum after we had already gone through the entire application/nomination/cfs/dodmerb/appointment process and was looking for Plebe summer information. Will be exciting to watch this list from the beginning.
Another musical interlude to help us wait for the elusive “(1).”

One of the coolest things the Glee Club does (in normal times) is the annual Halloween concert in the Chapel. Professional lighting and sound, and a great showcase of mid talent.
Two clips below: