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Jan 21, 2018
I have just received notification that my DODMERB Medical Status is: Remedial Requested due to a
Code: R259.10 -
It states:
"Applicant pending Disqualification for D155.8 - Astigmatism in excess of 3.00 diopters, must complete AMI(s) before waiver processing may be considered"

I am asking for some clarification as to how to move forward in my USNA application process. I have read that USNA allows up to a max of 6.oo diopters, whereas all other academies allow up to 8.00 diopters. I am still unsure of my exact diopter number so here are my specific questions:

1. Should I schedule an appointment with my optometrist and send my results back to DODMERB ASAP?

2. Will the 31 January deadline effect my application process/standing with USNA because DODMERB needs further evaluation? (all other required forms/nominations/CFA/test scores have been submitted and received)

3. What exactly is the permitted diopter number that USNA, specifically, will allow? I have read on other forums that it is 6.00, but I would like clarification as I do not know what specifically mine is.

4. AMI (Additional Medical Information) is required before a waiver is granted, what is the process of attaining a waiver to USNA? And how much time do I have to do so? (because of the 31 January deadline...are the DODMERB qualifications and appointment status dependent on each other?)

I will update this as soon as I know more information.
Any information or clarification is appreciated. Thank you.
Ah, the dreaded eye waiver scenario. It will be up to USNA if they want to have your DD/DS considered for a waiver; however, before that happens DoDMERB will require additional/remedial medical information to provide further guidance to USNA on the matter. My guess is the next step will be a thorough dilated eye exam that looks for retinal lattice detachment or damage. My DD experienced this firsthand when she applied to both USNA and USMMA with -8.0 in one eye and -7.0 in the other. Her detailed eye exam went well and she was cleared for further consideration for waiver by both schools. USNA ultimately wait listed her and then turned her down. USMMA granted her a waiver and offered her an early LOA and appointment, which she accepted.

Again, the waiver process is NOT something your DD/DS requests. Rather, once all AMI has been submitted to DoDMERB, it is up to the SA to look at the medical info and decide whether they will grant a waiver. Sometimes waivers can take up to six months to process. Be patient, but I would make sure that your DD/DS has plan B in place in case he or she gets denied a waiver.
DODMERB will notify you of what they need in terms of additional testing, medical records, etc. You're best off waiting to see what DODMERB wants so that you don't waste time/money.

Medical is not subject to the Jan. 31 deadline. USNA will proceed with your record provided everything else is complete by Jan. 31. If they consider you competitive for an appointment, they will hold your record while the medical process works itself through. The only "deadline" for medical is that you must clear (be medically qualified) before I-Day. You could receive a turndown before medical clears -- IOW, if USNA decides that your record is not competitive regardless of medical qualification.

DODMERB determines whether a candidate is qualified/not qualified medically. If deemed not qualified, the waiver process is automatically initiated (the candidate doesn't have to do anything). USNA does not evaluate candidates for medical waivers until they either have decided to offer the candidate an appointment, or are very likely to do so. It's simply a question of limited resources.
My DS DQ'ed for the same. Also had a couple of administrative DQ's for hearing, but no issues and cleared quickly. Once that cleared, it was about 8 weeks until the websites for both USMA and USNA flipped over to "Qualified" without any further action with docs. He has now been offered appointments to both SA's.

Initial DoDMERB Appt: Sept 7
Remedials Cleared: Oct 4
Qualified: Dec 5