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    :jump1:DS came home from church today to a message on our answering machine from LT in the Naval Academy Admissions office (the caller ID indicated the call was from MARYLAND!!!!!) – he wanted DS to call him as soon as possible!!! DS went outside in the amazingly (for April 15) fully bloomed-out side yard to make the call. The light breeze that was blowing, he decided, was less of a noise problem than staying inside where the little brothers were making all kinds of crazy noise! He made the call out there! I was spying through the parlor window (our house was built in 1880 so, yes, it does have a parlor!) to see if I could get any clues from body language/facial expression!! And WOW did I get a clue!!!!:shake: LT from USNA Admissions called to inform DS that he is being offered the United States Naval Academy Foundation Scholarship!!!!!!!! Such dancing on the big old front porch and smiling and “oh my goshing” and then the administrative details – which were celebrations too – DS retrieving the e-mail that LT said he was sending and then DS responding to it. Then sending e-mails to the B&G Officer immediately and the USNA Coach – both men to be commended and thanked for their part in supporting DS’journey!! Then a call put into DS’ big sister – 1st LT. USMC (USNA ’09 grad) stationed at Camp Lejeune and an e-mail to brother-in-law LTjg Navy SEAL (USNA ’08 grad) currently deployed in Afghanistan to thank them for their encouragement during this journey! And now I am reaching out to all of you on the forum – THANK YOU ALL – you have been an integral part of this whole journey too!!! You have touched my family and DS’ journey in ways you can never imagine – and for that we are in your debt. This forum is AMAZING!!!! All of you relaying your struggles and your triumphs and words of encouragement to so many over so much time!!!! DS, our whole family, all of us are so grateful and we all realize, especially DS, that this is a rare and amazing privilege – one that marks not the end of anything, but the beginning of everything – the beginning of the road less traveled, a road that will be difficult, impossible at times, the one where serving and leading stand along its entire length as its road signs. Again, to all THANK YOU and our prayers for all on this forum family!
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    Congrats to you and your DS . Our DS received the same call last year and was so excited to be chosen. Now we are celebrating his appointment and the fact that he is on his way to I day this June. The Foundation program is fantastic and I am amazed at how much he has matured and developed in one year. It was absolutely the right move for him and we are so thankful that he received the opportunity. Selfishly it also gave us another year to spend a lot of time with him. Best of luck with your journey !!!!!

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