USNA- NAPS football


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Jan 15, 2009
I will be attending NAPS in 2009 and wanted to acquaint myself with others who will be in the same class as me. I am especially interested in hearing from those who wish to play football for NAVY.

If you plan to play and played in high school, what were some of your stats:
i.e: height, weight, bench, 40 time, etc...

My stats:
height: 6ft 3in
weight: 245
40 yd dash: 4.76 sec
squat: 375x20 (havent maxed out in a while)
-Maryland all state 1st team, 1st team all county, 1st team all division.
I played football at NAPS this year but I was a walkon player that came out of the fleet. You sound like you have a very good foundation for the coaches here and at the academy to build upon. Coach yokitis is a great coach here and the staff are excellent. They will get you ready to play. Its difficult for football players here you have to buckle down but its very rewarding. You get a sense of tradition and excellence. Don't give up though while your here though, work hard and don't let this place get to you. If you wanna kno any more specifics PM me and well talk
I go to Clarksburg HS in Montgomery Co. I was kinda forced into playing offensive guard and most of D-line. I really really want to play linebacker or defensive end tho.