USNA Nomination


Dec 19, 2017
When applying for a nomination for USNA, do they only look at your Math and English scores on your ACT (since those are the only scores that specific academy looks at)?
It will vary greatly between MOCs - check with your individual MOC. If it just says ACT/SAT scores, then expect all of your subscores to be looked at.
Each MOC runs their own NOM process, so there is no way to tell what any particular one looks at. Best to assume the entire application process is a competition since far more apply than get appointments. There isn't really anything different you will do based on what a particular MOC considers.
The MOC process is parallel to, but independent of, the SA process. And, as noted above, each MOC can run his/her process differently than other MOCs. Thus, each MOC can look at more . . . or less . . . than each SA and more or less than another MOC. Some may require additional/different essays, some may ask for different/additional LORs, some look at different/additional test scores, etc. Some do interviews and some base their decisions solely on the paperwork you submit.

Each MOC's requirements are either posted on line or are available from the MOC's SA coordinator.