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Feb 9, 2017
Hey guys!

New on the forum this year. I was hoping if I told a little about my application I could get some feedback regarding my chances to get into the USNA!

I am a second time applicant, currently at UNI. I received a principle nomination from one MOC, as well as receiving another MOC nomination on top of that. I passed my CFT as per my BGO's information. My college GPA is a 3.63 with my high school final GPA approx. the same. In high school I took AP courses as well as dual credit English and business classes. My ACT was Verbal 27 Math 27. Earlier this year I was DQ'd because a shoulder injury but within a week I was granted a waiver (good sign from the threads I have read, considered competitive). I have worked tremendously hard to get a second opportunity at the USNA. Hoping this small amount of info is a good indicator of a BFE!

Also, I am Puerto Rican (wondering if the ethnicity would matter??)
I wish you luck and perseverance is important, some applicants have applied 3 or 4 times before getting accepted. Unfortunately you are up against long odds - 19,000 applications a year for 1,100 plebe slots; having some college credit should be a plus of course be aware you will still be at USNA for four years, they also place heavy emphasis on athletics and extracurriculars like clubs and student government organizations and of course JROTC and ROTC experience is a huge advantage.