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Which school?

  1. USNA


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    @kinnem lol at #5. That is something I would do. It’s so hard to let them go, even though at the end of the day that’s our job.
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    My DS was faced with a similar choice. His MIT interviewer, himself a MIT graduate, offered the following insight: MIT is a great school for a graduate degree, but risky for undergrads. According to the MIT interviewer's personal experience, his undergrad GPA took a few hits at MIT and as a result his application was denied for graduate school at MIT. If he had it it to do over again, he would wait for graduate school to attend MIT. My DS found his candor to be refreshing and counter-intuitive. Bottom-line: If you attend the USNA and do well academically, it is highly likely you will end up at MIT at some point in your Navy career. And you will have done both. If you select MIT, you will never go to USNA.
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    So what did you decide?
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    Jeez, sounds like a nice problem to have.
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    I went with USNA. I’m currently a plebe three weeks into the academic year (and through plebe summer). I think I made the right choice for me but I would be a liar if I said I haven’t questioned my decision at times. It always seems like the grass is greener elsewhere. My goal as of now is to select Marine Air and hopefully go to grad school at MIT, though this is far away. I ultimately decided based on the people. After the admitted students weekend at MIT, I realized I felt more at home with the type of people who comprise the brigade of midshipmen. Both routes offered a commission, the opportunity to serve my country, the opportunity to lead service men and women, and a great education. USNA offers an entire student body of people who are committed to these things. I chose to surround myself with people I aspire to be like and that’s what I found here at the academy.
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    mattcat. You chose wisely! ^^ if you graduate with Supe Honors and even Commandant’s Honors my prediction is you maybe a shoe in at MIT grad school. I know quite a few who went to MIT with 3.0+ GPA from SAs. Engineering grad school is different from Business School which looks for similar whole person evaluation. MIT grad school focuses more on grades and STEM results. And you will have plenty of STEM and Engineering at USNA even if you’re a History Major which is a strong Major at USNA. For humanities and social science majors at USNA seeking top grad schools for social science majors, your grades from USNA are given more favorably. You may even get in with Dean’s List. I know quite a few grads who went on to Yale and Harvard with 2.75-3.1 GPA from Annapolis and West Point. Grad schools know that you have more than academics to succeed at USNA or at other SAs. I believe ROTC also get some bonus points. Do well in your Plebe year. That will set you up for success. Chem is probably the most challenging class at Annapolis even if you had 5 on your AP Chem. I’m very happy for you that you chose Annapolis. You will have second Chance to go to other great schools later but you can only go to Annapolis now. It’s not a college and I’m sure that’s why you chose Annapolis.
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    I love it when a plan comes together.
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