USNA or USAFA what are my chances?


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Jan 24, 2018
I'm a sophomore in high school and I'm interested in either attending USAFA or USNA but I'm in a sticky situation. This semester wasn't a particularly good one for me, and while I normally perform very well in school I ended this semester with a 3.6 weighted GPA and a 3.16 unweighted with (as I'm taking one AP and 2 weighted classes) with 5 B's and one A which seems very very bad to me. My freshman year I had a 3.8 first semester and a 4.0 second semester because weighted classes weren't offered. I plan on working to improve things second semester and I'm taking 5 AP's next year, but I'm wondering if this is a big deal in my overall application process. Other things that I'm involved in include the engineering program, JV cross country and track and field, and in the women of engineering club which I plan on trying to lead next year. I'm also involved with volunteer work at the UCR campus and plan on trying to get around 200 hours by the time I graduate. What are my chances and what should I look to do?
You never know until you try but your class rank and school profile is considered more than your actual GPA. They want to see that you have taken harder classes and done pretty well. If you rebound the next two semesters and have good test scores it will not kill your chances.

It is a competition though and no one knows how that competition in your district will look in two years.

Keep working hard and chase your dreams
You got this and you will be fine. You have a 3.8 weighted average and a 3.52 unweighted average and you have 3 solid semesters to improve. As I understand it, the key is class rank as noted by USMA 1994. Class rank is obviously driven by GPA so work hard for the next three semesters. Get varsity letters, try for team captain, try for NHS and apply to Girls State after your junior year (I am assuming you are a female since you are in the women engineering club).