USNA Re-applicant from VMI


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Jan 15, 2018
Hello, I'm a 4th classman at the Virginia Military Institute and have applied to the Naval Academy twice now. How will the Academy take into account the fact that I'm a re-applicant and I've completed some of the most rigorous military training in the country at VMI? Should that look better than a regular 4-year college/university? I also have maxed the USNA CFT, marine corps PFT and marine corps CFT(combat fitness test) and had an ok GPA 3.2 at VMI first semester as an applied Mathematics major (had 3.8 in H.S). Is it also an issue that I have a four year marine-option scholarship as well, taking into account that I'm already funded by the military? Any idea of my current chances and value to my application. Thanks, let me know

- James Winston MIDN 4/C
VMI - Marine Company
Attending VMI might help a bit -- primarily b/c you are demonstrating how you handle academics and military together. The other things you mentioned about VMI (USMC-option scholarship, etc.) won't make much, if any difference. The most important thing for college applicants -- any college -- is typically how well you did in your plebe courses. Since you have a 3.2, that suggests mostly Bs. If you have a C in math or chem, that could be an issue.

The max CFA will be an asset, but won't make up for issues with academics.

Finally, I suggest you remove your personal info from your post. No one on this site needs to know who you are to answer your questions.