USNA to the Holy Cross MEC with no regrets


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Jun 21, 2007
Yesterday I had the great experience of hearing from my daughter as she was on her way back from the Holy Cross MEC. Her NROTC Unit had competed - she is on their Squad Drill Team, they came in 2nd. She also got to “kick butt” in dodge ball, sleep on the gym floor, get woken up at 01:00 to stand watch and the list goes on. They were there for barely 24 hours.

A year ago we were exactly where so many of you are. USNA candidate- everything looking good and jumping those hurdles one at a time. She knew she would have a fight when it came to that medical waiver so she was prepared. And at every school we visited she would talk to the NROTC table and they would tell her the same thing- you should apply here anyway. But she did not WANT ROTC she wanted USNA she would say ... and in May 2008 she stood in the hallway of her high school, listening to the Sr. Medical Officer at the USNA tell her that No, she was not going to grant her appeal and No, there was nothing that my D could do to change that decision. It was over, that fast. And oh wow- now what.

The VERY LAST thing any one of our kids wants to hear is there will be no appointment regardless of the reason. In my D’s case her waiver denial appeared to shut a lot of doors including NROTC. My daughter needed to let I-Day pass before she would even discuss options. She gave me a hug and whispered “you should be dropping me off now”. After that, she could move on.

Sources like this forum have been, in our case, priceless. It has put us in touch with people, that put us in touch with people, or it can inform you about a program and suddenly possibilities exist where there were none before. As information from here often kept me sane “back then” maybe someone will learn something from what we have been through so I thought I would share. You never know. We are still hanging on for that elusive medical waiver:rolleyes:. (And just to be clear I am NOT bashing DodMERB here). She is a college programmer with NROTC putting her heart and soul into the unit. It is nerve-wracking knowing that she could still have it taken away, but with every “kick butt dodge ball” story I get I know how happy and thankful she is to be there with not one whit of regret for what might have been.
Thanks for all the help.
kgrmom...thanks so much for your mother's heart posting about your girl.

I know a family that had their girl denied TWICE by USNA Admission's Board. Talk about heartbreak and disappointment by every member of that family.

After months, this girl finally made a trip to her USN Recruiter's office. She didn't have any DoDMERB issues. Today she is on her delayed entry with :thumb:her Great Lake's date set in January. She got a 95 on the military ASVAB test and not only that a 136 on the Defense Language Battery Test. At LAST Navy folk there in that Recruiting Office were whooping and hollering and giving her battered ego huge bursts of support over her achievements. She heads to 63 weeks of language school ( Farsi?Arabic?Japanese?Chinese?...her language aptitude is able to take any one of them.) after Basic Training.

So for her this was how she has found a way to honor her heart's desire to serve her country.

This past week as a surprise I am sending her mom a "US Navy MOM" shirt so that she can wear it in front of her girl anytime she wishes. As USNA mom - I have my own reasons to wear USNA gear proudly. But this family has rejoicing ahead for which I heartedly cheer.

Now I have another long-distance family to be cheering and rooting for. I am so glad you posted your story.

Please keep us all posted on your girl's journey.
finishing the story

Please keep us all posted on your girl's journey.

I'm back :biggrin: to relay the outcome of my daughter's story. She is 2nd semester, - NROTC. After 18 months *yes, I'm soooo sorry for all of you who are waiting on med waivers, I said 18, eighteen, long, long, long MONTHS she got her medical waiver WOOOHOOO!!!!!!!

She also has received a 3-1/2 year NROTC scholarship (another WOOHOO) which is so awesome as before she started this year she did not even apply for one. In fact, she wasn't even sure about ROTC after the USNA fell through.

As a mom, I have a new found respect for this entire process as well as a new found respect for ROTC. Her unit takes most of her "free time" and they work most every day in one way or another.

There were 19 incoming NROTC freshman- 2 of which were going for academy admission a 2nd time. One received an LOA but decided to pass to the last of my knowlege. The unit picked up another 5 college programmers in the first 2 weeks.

My girl might tell you the roller coaster went something like "hoping for her dream" to "losing her dream" to "settling somewhat" to "ending with something better than she ever hoped for" but the bottom line is SHE NEVER GAVE UP. It has been said so many times here but it can not be said enough... do not give up. You can not know what lies around the next corner :biggrin:

Thanks everyone for the support and advice-
what was the d/q factor for her?

i wear glasses is that going to d/q me?

That will depend on your vision itself and whether it is within the parameters. You may- but a waiver may also be possible. My daughter wears glasses but that was not an issue- not even a DQ. Her DQ was because of "headaches within the past 3 years severe enough require medication". She uses daily medication and with it has no headaches whatsoever. It is a tough waiver to get to say the least.
Congrats to your daughter kgrmom on the scholarship and the valuable lessons learned. All this persistence and hard work often pays off in great and unexpected ways.

kgrmom said:
As a mom, I have a new found respect for this entire process as well as a new found respect for ROTC. Her unit takes most of her "free time" and they work most every day in one way or another.

I agree ^^^ thank her for me.