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Some of the posts in this thread in response to her post are getting a little rough. :hammer:

I respectfully disagree. This thread is a search for the truth. Facts can be troublesome things for some people, but for everyone else they are essential for decision making. If any of the follow-up responses deserve to be refuted, I expect K-Mom will be along to set the record straight. If not, then caveat emptor applies. In any event, prep school candidates will be better equipped to make an informed choice.
I tend to agree with the "tough love" approach to forum strings. I would rather get all of the gouge on a query or subject in a manor that is straight forward. My delicate sensibilities may be injured but I will better learn the lesson.

Mr. Stew Smith. I remember reading that name somewhere but couldn't remember where. I spent the last several hours going through directories and rumaging through boxes. Bingo:

About Stew Smith

Stew Smith is a graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy, a former Navy SEAL, and author of several fitness and self defense books such as The Complete Guide to Navy SEAL Fitness, and Maximum Fitness. As a military fitness trainer, Stew has trained hundreds of students for Navy SEAL, Special Forces, Air Force PJ, Ranger Training, and other physical law enforcement professions. His eBooks at can help you achieve your fitness goals, whether you're a beginner or an expert.

I guess Greystone gets its physical training by email. HOOYA!
I agree that facts should be posted, even if they are troublesome. However, some posts seem to include facts mixed with derogatory comments. The purpose of the forum is to provide accurate information. In this thread there is some excellent info being shared. Some posts, though, give it concurrently with a disparaging remark directed to the poster, not Greystone. If Greystone is a place for our youth to consider as a step towards a SA then it needs to be evaluated by those considering it. Greystone needs to be evaluated, not the poster. To imply that the poster may have ulterior motives is inappropriate. To identify areas where Greystone may be lacking is appropriate and should be shared. There is a distinction to be made.
If one would sift through all the bloviating on would find that K-mom has a total of 9 posts that ALL start with "Thin Letters & Wait Listers Check This Out", in which is a sales pitch for this "Greystone" place. If she would have had a unique experience with this place, wouldn't you think it would be at a specific academy not all five? Exposing a spammer is not beating up a "K-Mom" out there. There are no ID cards or certified photo's to go along with a posters profile to validate anyone’s credibility on a forum, only what info was posted by that person before.
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Frankly, I don't know what she is - you're right we have no means of establishing true identity. If she is a spammer, wouldn't the truth be enough? :confused: The arguments against Greystone as posed here are enough for me. The facts are a sufficient argument, why stoop to personal degradation? It puts you at the same level as them (as posted by another, Greystone seems to bash other prep programs).

One thing that sets this forum apart is fewer instances of personal bashing. In this thread I think the point was made and the bash unnecessary.
Folks, go back and read Cdr Bailey’s “letter” again. It is nothing but spam, pure and simple. Greystone is probably a good school and prepares its students well for reapplication to the academies. The school is not the issue. Cdr Bailey’s “advertising” is what is at issue. Go to the link which I provided and take his little quiz. Choice ‘A’ is Greystone, choices ‘B’ and ‘C’ are literally jokes. His letter is filled with the same propaganda, Greystone good, all other choices bad. Everyone is entitled to promote their beliefs. The real issue is that the letter is filled with lies, half truths, misinformation, and innuendos, all self serving. Self serving falsehoods that prey on the insecurities of unsuccessful candidates. I know this because I have received emails and PMs from these candidates, scared and confused because they are doing something other than what the letter suggests. These actions are totally appalling and completely out of line.

My situation is that I am just an old opinionated grad and I feel totally obligated to do battle with a piece of spam. A piece of spam promulgated, indirectly perhaps, by the “Director” of an officially sanctioned USNA Foundation School, which, in itself, carries a lot more credence, in this case totally abused, than an old fart grad who hates to begin every sentence with “Since I am a BGO, I know what I am talking about”. I should perhaps have suggested to the moderators that it be removed. However, from PMs, I had already seen portions of the letter and knew that it was being promulgated by Greystone and was using false information to confuse rejected academy candidates. Apparently, just like his opinion that one prep school fits all, one letter also fits all, just the highlighted portions change to address the specific issues. Therefore I felt an obligation to expose it for what it was to both this forum and to candidates who had received the letter and might perhaps read our forum.

I began by attempting to start a dialog on incorrect information that had been presented to me by email/PM as concerns, the 2% success of ROTC, the fact that ROTC is not an acceptable route to USNA, and the alternate method of acceptance which the CDR had dreamed up. Also, SubSquid, just like the retiree uniform regulations, I knew who Stew Smith was, not a Lieutenant and definitely not “currently the USNA Plebe Physical Education Program coordinator”. Yep, Squid, you are correct. Cdr Bailey gets out there every morning at 6AM and runs the candidates through an online PE program that it wouldn’t surprise me if they have to pay extra for.

After checking the forum occasionally over the past several days and determining that K-Mom was routinely reading my posts but choosing not to respond, I felt that in the eyes of the forum readers, only an anonymous contributor, questioning an approved USNA institution, the only effective followup would be to attempt to “shoot the “messenger””. I simply asked what her position was in this obvious piece of spam. (Okay, all of you who think (s)he is truly a concerned unbiased mom, move to my left. All others move to my right) That (s)he chose to bite her lip instead of replying is indicative of the dialogue which we are going to get from them on this issue. Also, any true concerned mom with only a modicum of admissions knowledge would know that the letter was biased and self-serving and, if truly only a parent, would have thought twice before posting it. So, please Moms, get it out of your heads that I am beating up on one of you. (S)he is not one of you.

So I ask you, there are probably at least a dozen more pieces of misinformation in the letter which I have not yet addressed and since it is obvious (s)he is not going to address them, what should we do? The ONLY piece of advice K-Mom has been correct on is to talk to your BGO. And if the BGO recommends specific schools, he is totally out of line. And which is truly sickening to me, there are BGOs out there specifically recommending their candidates talk to Greystone and CDR Bailey.

Incidentally, I am planning to forward a letter of my concerns along with a copy of the letter to the USNA Foundation Director.
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Like it or not (and we all get it by now that you don’t) Greystone is a new prototype for academy preparation. I don’t want to get into a vendetta with you on this forum. I suggest if there is anyone interested in Greystone that they get their info and facts directly from the school and discuss with their BGO.

P.S. I resent you attacking my character! Biting my lip as I log off…

Wow. I re-read the whole thread a couple of time and fail to see where your character has been attacked.
I am not sure what is going on here but worst case scenario in my mind is that you really are representing the school and trying to "advertise" it's program by bashing other well known and successful programs.
Best case scenario is that you are a mom of a Greystone student who successfully gained an appointment to USNA and are excited about the program - however you have been duped into thinking it is the BEST way for every candidate.

The only way you can redeem yourself on this forum, IMHO, is to come clean and answer questions about the program.

Sadly there appears to be a candidate out there who is confused by how to proceed -
As a former parent of a Greystone student, I was simply putting info out there to make kids that wish to give the academy another try think over their options. I posted contact info for Greystone last month uder USMC, USAFA, etc. on CC because the school can (and it has) help kids gain admission to any academy, not just USNA. I know first hand what they and their parents are going through.

Evidently I only seem to put my foot in my mouth, so I choose not to answer attacks on the program. Call it shortsided on my part, I never intended to play hard ball and don't have that much time. As a parent I don't have all the answers. Interested individuals should visit the website or call the school. I regret ever opening up on this forum. However, Greystone has an excellent track record for a new school and if the program helps one or two more kids gain academy acceptance then maybe it will have been worth it.

Cmdr. Bailey's passion is to help kids gain acceptance into the academies...what better way to exhibit that than to devote your life/career to it? A new website is under construction and I am sure it will be greatly improved.

USNA69: Why do you insist on attacking on my character (taking money, me, these are hurtful) I bit my lip last night because I am not going to use public space to make derogatory statements about a person I have zero knowledge about.
USNA69: Why do you insist on attacking on my character (taking money, me, these are hurtful) I bit my lip last night because I am not going to use public space to make derogatory statements about a person I have zero knowledge about.

USNA69 said:
Also, any true concerned mom with only a modicum of admissions knowledge would know that the letter was biased and self-serving

Just_A_Mom said:
Wow. I re-read the whole thread a couple of time and fail to see where your character has been attacked.

I think we are starting to repeat ourselves. I would really like to debate the misinformation promulgated by the letter.
I am going to go ahead and lock this thread. The thread has served it's purpose of answering the question of whether or not NROTC is a viable option to a position at USNA.

The answer is Yes.
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