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Feb 18, 2009
I am applying to the the Naval Acadamy as well as the Military Academy for the class of 2013. I am currently waiting on a medical waiver from the naval academy. I have already recieved a waiver and an offer of appointment to the Military Academy. I have recieved a letter of assurance from the Naval Academy pending my medical waiver. I was wondering if anyone could explain the holdup on the Navy waiver. Thanks much.
I'm sure if you e-mail Larry Mullen (his e-mail is on his signature) he may be able to give you specifics concerning your case.

I can also tell you that the different waiver authorities work at different speeds. If you have the LOA from USNA your medical package is in front of the USNA waiver authorities.

Patience is the key!!
Thanks a lot. From what I have been reading on this website Larry seems to be the go to guy with these types of issues.
USNA med waivers

When is the deadline for USNA waivers to be granted?
There are no deadlines. Waivers can, and have been, granted the day before I-Day..
He did and I replied. Thx:thumb: