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    I am a 17 year old rising Senior from a small town in Virginia. I have a rising 3.9 GPA, I am also the captain of my JROTC's Raider Team, Rifle Team and Color Guard. I am the Battalion Commander this year and Executive Officer, the Student Body president, Interact Club President and more. I attended the Naval Academy's Summer Seminar and had a great time and I believe I shined down there above the competition. I have been in the paper for several things raging from events in my clubs to saving my Jrotc program from budget cuts ect. I was the only ambassador selected for HOBY leadership seminar last year. I got first place in regionals and 2nd in state for forensics. I am a dedicated member of my youth group in which I won 1st place in two years in a row at Youth Quest ( national Pentecostal talent search) I am also in Cross Country which I lettered in along with my letter on my raider team. I am the top marksman on my Rifle Team and have received many awards for leadership, physical fitness, ect ect ect. I also do all this while maintaing a part time job for the past three years. I take all college and honors classes and I am a member of our National Honor Society. I am also in the top 20% of my class out of 300 ( soon to increase) Now time for my downfalls: My SAT scores are slightly low. Total 1530 Verbal: 500 Math: 570 and Writing 460. Good thing is that I live in a non competitive part of Virginia and I am very likely to receive the top nomination from my Congressman. Now what are my chances?
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    You have a 76.45% of being accepted. No, but really that only people who really know that stuff are the ones in the admissions office. If going to the Academy is what you really want then do everything you can to get there and don't worry about how you look compared to other people.
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    First, take it down a notch. You have quite the resume and alot to be proud of. Just be sure you don't come across as arrogant. There's no such place as a non-competitive district because they all have equal population (not to mention a huge military presence in Virginia), and for you to say that you'll beat everyone in your 650,000 person district is a tad presumptuous. Additionally, if you saw your peers at NASS as "competition" you sort of missed the point.

    Your leadership record looks pretty strong. You seem to be in great shape so I bet that'll show on the CFA. Your athletic record may be somewhat lacking since you don't do any team sports. But it's too late to do anything about that now. Focus on what you can fix.

    You have a great GPA and a mediocre class rank. But at this point your SAT scores aren't just low, they're disqualifying. Retake and retake the SAT. Take the ACT -- it's a completely different test so you might do significantly better on it. The academy superscores both tests (though not interchangeably) so keep retaking them until you're satisfied with the scores. And you shouldn't be satisfied till you're in the upper 600s to 700s. The competition is just that intense. Your academic performance accounts for 60% of your application score. Just keep working at it.

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