USS Arizona survivor dies, Raymond Haerry age 94

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    From Army Times:

    PROVIDENCE, R.I. — One of the last living crew members on the USS Arizona during the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor has died. Raymond Haerry was 94. His son says Haerry died Sept. 27 in Rhode Island. He was one of six remaining Arizona survivors.

    Raymond Haerry Jr. told The Associated Press on Friday that his father ran to an anti-aircraft gun on Dec. 7, 1941, but the ammunition was in storage. He tried to get ammunition, but a large bomb detonated first. Haerry Jr. says his father swam through flaming waters to shore and shot at Japanese planes from there. The ship lost 1,177 men, nearly four-fifths of its crew. Haerry Jr. says when he can afford it, he'll take his father's ashes to be interred on the Arizona at the USS Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor.

    According to statistics released by the Veteran's Administration, our World War II vets are dying at a rate of approximately 492 a day. This means there are approximately only 855,070 veterans remaining of the 16 million who served our nation in World War II.
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    He should set up a "Go Fund Me" page.

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