USS Vicksburg CG-69 going in Harms Way

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    REPORT : Russia is practicing attack runs against NATO warships in the Black Sea...
    Russian Su-30s and Su-24s aircraft from Russia’s Black Sea Fleet based in Crimea have been conducting mock attack runs on NATO warships operating in the Black Sea, Sputnik News reported.
    According to the Russian media outlet, the jets, launched from Novofedorvka, an airbase in western Crimea peninsula have been monitoring the movements of two ships, the American USS Vicksburg (a Ticonderoga class guided missile cruiser), and Turkey’s frigate The Turgut Reis.
    On March 3, a formation made of three Su-30s and four Su-24s overflew the NATO ships “to practice penetrating anti-air systems,” according to a source at the Sevastopol naval base who spoke to the Russian state agency.

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    Fairwinds Vick !!

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    Harm's way is probably a bit strong.

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