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V.P. Nom Letters of Recommendation

Discussion in 'Naval Academy - USNA' started by Dolphins2012, May 26, 2011.

  1. Dolphins2012

    Dolphins2012 5-Year Member

    May 2, 2011
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    The VP's website advises nomination applicants to "send all letters of recommendations directly to the Military Academies." Does this means letters recommending an applicant for a VP nomination should be addressed to the VP and mailed to the Naval Academy, or does it mean that the VP uses the letters of recommendation submitted with your academy application? It appears, for example, that the latter is the case when it comes to one's transcript and ACT/SAT (i.e. they aren't requested anywhere on the VP's website).

    My DS has already requested letters of recommendation to be prepared for our congressman and two senators - he just wants to figure out whether he needs a fourth to the VP.

    Thanks in advance!
    Dolphins 2012
  2. Blackbird

    Blackbird Parent 5-Year Member

    Apr 13, 2010
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    Check over in the Nominations thread. This question was just addressed.

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