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    What classes are able to be validated and how? Which AP tests scores count/help in validating classes? I cannot find a definitive list anywhere.

    I heard it is optimal if you can validate chemistry, plebe history, and english. What scores does it take to do that?
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    If I recall correctly, and if they didn't change it -- you do a validation exam for Chemistry and English during Beast and you need a 5 in AP U.S. History to validate those classes.
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    If you have AP tests with 4's or 5's it's worth bringing a printout to CBT. DS validated classes during the CBT testing, and again as a yearling. Some courses require testing & AP scores, but the one he validated as a yuk was based solely on his AP score. (Econ??)

    Most of the tests are a combination of validation & placement as the USMA course "sections" are stacked by proficiency. IE: the class session you are placed in will be with cadets of similar proficiency.

    By the way, if you constantly make a+ iin class they will move you up to a harder section midsemester in many classes. So don't try to sandbag! :smile: The Army will squeeze maximum learning out of you even if it means a lower GPA!

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