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    I recently saw on the forum that in order to gain credit for ap classes one must take a validation test. How different are these tests from the actual Advanced Placement? More/less difficult? When are they given?

    Ive taken: US Gov, Chem, Physics C, Comp Sci., Calc BC, Stat, Lit, Lang, US & World History, and Psychology.

    Are there validation tests for each one I have taken? I am concerned I may have to refresh my memory in some of the subjects...
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    USNA will accept some AP scores. Their system is different than a civilian college. For example, in order to receive credit for history, you would need a combined score of a 10 on both AP US and AP World. USNA tends to only take 5's. A full list of accepted scores can be found here:

    Validation tests are given during plebe summer but in some cases no test is needed.
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