Varsity Letter Required?

Sep 12, 2017
So, I've been browsing around profiles lately and the one thing that freaks me out is the term "Varsity Letters".

Over 80% of SA cadets, specifically to USMA, have a varsity letter. Some, probably even more. The Rand report lists this as a score of 600, compared to a score of 400 for JV.

I have never done a sport in school, sans soccer from 6th to 8th grade. My father, as I've explained on some other threads, is disabled. During my freshman and sophomore years, I had to come home immediately after school to care for him; I basically didn't get off responsibility until around 5, sometimes even on weekends

I've always loved to run and I'm going to definitely do Track this year, now that things are better. I plan to try out for discus.

Otherwise athletically, obviously being a primary caretaker for my father, I've had to lift him regularly around the house from the sofa to the kitchen to the bed to the bathroom. I'm rather fit, I do go to the gym often. I've simply not been recognized.

Thoughts on solutions to this hump? I don't know if I could make varsity in 2 seasons :/
Being a caregiver to a non-ambulatory parent is far more important than earning a varsity letter and is clearly worthy of mentioning in your applications. It exhibits responsibility that requires far more maturity than many of your contemporaries.
Most who are accepted have a letter - not all. You have a situation that shows dedication and commitment, and you can use your application essay and nomination interviews to speak to that point. The key is to discuss your weaknesses as strengths and hoenyou compensate.

You're a gem to do this for your family. Chin up and keep moving forward.
My class of 2021 son did not have a varsity letter. He did marching band, which conflicted with many school sports. He did play soccer the fall of his senior year through our community rec league, and trained for and rain multiple charity 5k races the summer before senior year.
you should explain your constraints in your essay, as they are certainly understandable. I would look to do some organized sports activity though, even if it isn't varsity.
+1 to AROTC-dad. There is nothing to address. You have an excellent reason for not having pursued sports to this point plus your plan to do track as this point, now that you're able, speaks volumes about you and your character. Just be sure to mention why you haven't done sports to this point in your application and interviews.
Besides doing track, you may want to begin training for the CFA. Maxing out on as many as you can. There are multiple threads and videos on how to prepare for the test but it comes down to working out and to some degree developed technique.