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    My DS is a freshmen at a private high school playing JV baseball. Baseball is his game and he hopes to play varsity baseball during his HS career. He has one Varsity letter in baseball from last year when he played for his former school's, a public high school's JV and varsity baseball team and he won a varsity letter when he was an 8th grader. That team won the state championship.

    Would this Varsity letter as an 8th grader count for USNA or service academy application? Of course his goal is to gain another one hopefully sophomore, junior and senior year of high school.

    Does playing just one sport such as only baseball make him less competitive then a candidate that has multiple varsity letters in 2 or more sports?

    I was trying to encourage him to try swimming or soccer as a second sport but between baseball practice most of the year and academics he feels he is too busy.

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    Not an expert but ...

    We worried about the same issues with DS (swimmer). His fall season was busy with morning, afternoon, and Saturday practices with very little time to do much extra beside student government and 2-3 AP courses. He thought about water polo in the spring but then opted out to join the club swim team, which was not as demanding, and to attend night school at the local college. He also used the "free" time in the spring to work heavily on extra curricular activities-community service, academic teams, etc. He tried to maintain a balanced approach.

    I guess the point of this is that he was a year round swimmer (athlete) and when his load lightened he jumped into many more activities.

    I think that the most important point is that your DS demonstrate athletic activities throughout the year. Does it help if they are different? I don't know admission's secret formula but just what happened in our experience. DS's plan worked and he received his appointment (Presidential) to his first choice school, USNA, on Sept 10th. :thumb:

    I remember him mentioning that all information on the SA applications (applied at AF, Army, and Navy) started at 9th grade.

    Hope this helps. Best of Luck!

    Go Navy!

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