VatTech Corps of Cadets

Nov 13, 2015
Does anyone have any feedback reference Virginia Tech's Corps of Cadets in general. Being an SMC, it appears to be a lot larger than most all other schools' battalions /detachments. Also the guarantee with AROTC of getting AD upon graduation as long as your PMS recommends you is pretty enticing. Anyone know if an SMC would give a Cadet a better shot at Army aviation? Thanks.
Here is my advice having visited w/ #3 (we are Virginians, obviously): Call the ROTC recruiter lady (the ROO). She is fabulous--a retired Army LTC, total straight shooter with a couple of easy slide shows she can walk you through via telephone if you aren't up to a trip to Blacksburg (which is really on another planet, it is so remote). I cannot remember her name--and don't have her card handy but here is the number: (540) 231-4804 This was a fantastic visit and really turned the tide for #3 on the benefits of Army ROTC and VA Tech, (which awards additional scholarships to those in the Corps of Cadets--also brand new, purpose built dorms/living spaces for the Corps).
For a large school, VA Tech feels like a small school and the buildings look like West Point. The Corps of Cadets seems like a great mix of SMC plus a variety of science, engineering and other classes with civilian instructors and with non-military college students. There is a lot of good there--very well resourced for ROTC, too. If your child applies for the Corps, he will not have to pay the application fee to VA Tech--be careful, because you don't have to pay the questionnaire part of the application submits surprisingly early in the process #3 didn't feel ready yet and then he was done. However, aspiring cadets should fill in the essay question about 'Why the Corps of Cadets'--it is one of six or eight optional essays. If your child is looking at service academies and SMCs, don't skip VA Tech.
The recruiting lady is Rewa Mariger, and I agree--she is top notch! Her briefings are so well-organized. Our oldest son is in his second year there, and he absolutely loves it. He is AFROTC though, not Army. We have been very impressed with the Corps Commandant, and his leadership. It seems like such a well-run program that is producing great leaders.
Ok yes I spoke to Rewa Mariger on the phone briefly. She seemed extremely knowledgeable, professional, and kind. She is the one who sent a recruitment email to DS.