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    vshun -- our DS got a car in Virginia in May, right after becoming C2C. He did 2 year license. The inspection lapsed as the car was in CO and that was okay, he just had to get it inspected as soon as he had it back in the state. When it came time to renew his registration he was not going to be back in VA before it expired so he called DMV and they had him email them the specifics of his situation and they waived the inspection & emissions and let him register it for one year. He kept all the email info so that when he got into the state if he was stopped for expired inspection he would be okay. Kept his VA driver's license until he got to FL for first duty station and became FL resident then.
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    My son who just graduated this June 2016 stored his car this summer in Colorado Springs at a storage place for about $45 per month, while he traveled with fellow cadets to all parts of the world on vacation. I would suggest using one of these lots for one month, and then your son can get the car out of storage when he is eligible to have a car, which I believe is the day after graduation....
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    My kids still have PA tags on their cars.

    Do not be a smarty-pants about car ownership. Follow the rules (your cadet will likely know them far better than you). Then, there is no problem.

    Many upperclassmen lend out their cars to those cadets behind them. If this is an issue for your car-owning cadet, I suggest buying a car with a stick-shift (manual transmission). It scares people off all the time. If you don't mind sharing, or teaching someone to drive the stick, go for it. Way more fun, esp up in the mountains, especially in a blizzard! :)
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    If anyone is interested in a current cadet's perspective:

    Please don't be the parent that gives their DS/DD a car that takes up our parking spots. They have to earn it like everybody else. Wait until graduation. Doing otherwise is breaking the regulations (CSP says no maintaining a car within 150 miles). If there is a logistical issue involved, have your DS/DD contact their AOC and work it out. This is on your cadet to handle, not you.