Very Important Question!!


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May 19, 2008
Hello everyone I am in rotc and will be contracting soon. Now I have done my dodmerb and have already filled out the security questionare but here two concerns of mine.

1) When I filled out the security questionare sheet I had to answer yes to the question where it asks you if you have ever seen a pyschologist in the last 7 years. I saw a child pyschologist when I was a kid because when I was in grammer school and early high school I was being bullied alot in school and my parents thought that maybe I just needed to talk to someone about the problem. So on the security sheet I did answer yes to it and signed the release form for the investigator to go and ask the three questions to the child pyschologist that I saw but here is what is on my mind. When I did my dodmerb physical was I supposed to have said anything on it that I saw a child pyschologist even though I was never on medication and was never diagnosed with a mental illness or mental condition and that it was just a child pyschologist that I saw and not something major like a pyschiatrist? I didn't say anything about the counseling on my dodmerb form because it didn't ask about counseling. I mean I have been truthful about it, I did answer yes to it on the security clearance form and I did sign the relaease form. Should I worry about this or am I just making a big deal out of nothing?

2) My second question is that how I mentioned that I was bullied in high school as a result of it I got into a bunch of fights and naturally everytime that would happen in addition to me being in trouble I also saw the school counseler a few times, when I say few times I literally mean like once or twice throughout my four years of high school. Now was I supposed to have listed her on the form? Somebody else said to me that the question that asks about any mental health consultations are about if you had seen a professional therapist and that the school counseler doesn't count. I mean thats probably true that the form isn't asking about her but was I suppoed to mention her as well? I mean she was just the high school counseler.

If anybody has any answers that would be great thanks.
I would not worry. A good number of questions have the "I know what they're looking for and mines not bad.." kind of answers. Many people have seen someone...maybe there was a death in the family or had a tough move from one state to biggie. Even within the service, some people will need some help from time to time.

I had to answer "yes" to if I had ever been arrested or receiving a ticket over...$200...I think. Did I worry about what it would do for my clearance? Maybe for a second, but after that I just though, "hey I got a ticket for speeding, it was a new car and I wasn't paying attention:"

It wasn't an issue, and the agency reviewing those kinds of forms understand that may be the case.

I wouldn't worry about either of those questions.
Oh another question that I have is when the background investigation starts, just how much of an investigation will they go into my background of when I was in high school. I mean what kind of stuff are they going to be looking for. As I stated before I was suspended a few times from high school for fighting, will the investigator check into this and what the reasons for the suspensions were? Thanks
Were you ever suspended for forming a pro-Communist anarchy group advocating the violent overthrow of the US Govt?

Were you ever suspended for manufacturing a methamphetamine lab in chemistry class and funneling the drug profits to al-Queda?

Were you ever suspended for burglarizing the "secret files" in the counselor's office and distributing their contents over the PA system?


Just a few times for fighting?

I wouldn't worry too much about it.