very stupid question


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Dec 23, 2010
Hi. Please forgive me for my very stupid question! I'm so new at this... Arg! :redface:

My son received his nomination/appointment and will be attending the USMAA next year, graduation class of 2015. We are soOOO proud of him and VERY excited.:smile::thumb:

ok, here goes... stupid question #1....
WHAT DOES DS stand for??????????????

Thanks so much!

You also should consider changing you forum name. Upperclassmen view the forum and it is wise to be incognito. Especially during Indoc and Plebe year.
In general, it's probably a good idea to maintain anonymity on any public forum. There are a lot of nuts out there. (Not on THIS forum of course.:biggrin:)

thanks all-
I had that taken care-
appreciate the kindness.
No stupid questions I thought DS was darling son, now it may stand for dang son since we have not heard from him for over 2 weeks.
I had that same "stupid question" one year ago! Congratulations and welcome aboard!
Don't apologize

Stupidity is NOT asking the question when you don't know something. I am the stupid one. I have been on KP campus for 6 years and always wondered what DS stood for. Obviously we all had made up our own definition for it. Thanks for asking, you have cleared something up for all of us.

Welcome to the wonderful team of parents who make up a living moving force at KP. Looking forward to your DS arriving on campus.