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    I am prior-service in the National Guard wanting to commission active duty Army. I'm considering going to the Citadel to commission because SMCs are guaranteed Active Duty where normal ROTC programs at civilian colleges are not.

    I know there are veteran students at the Citadel and that participating in ROTC but not the Corps of Cadets is possible. But are veteran ROTC students still guaranteed Active Duty by the Citadel even if they aren't in the Corps of Cadets?
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    Here is the federal doesn't say anything about mandating being in the Corps of Cadets.
    I would call The Citadel and ask the PMS of Army ROTC about this.

    (e)Assignment to Active Duty.—
    The Secretary of the Army shall ensure that a graduate of a senior military college who desires to serve as a commissioned officer on active duty upon graduation from the college, who is medically and physically qualified for active duty, and who is recommended for such duty by the professor of military science at the college, shall be assigned to active duty.
    Nothing in this section shall be construed to prohibit the Secretary of the Army from requiring a member of the program who graduates from a senior military college to serve on active duty.

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    fortuneb13: First - The Army is the only ROTC program at any SMC which can guarantee you active duty (in the Army) if you are eligible (academically and medically etc) for an Army Commission and are recommended for active duty by the PMS at your ROTC detachment.
    Second - of course you can apply to The Citadel and if accepted into the Veteran Program, and the Army ROTC program, seek a commission as an Army officer. The ROTC detachments at all the SMCs offer cross enrollment from other colleges. The Citadel Army ROTC web site offers this info - but definitely call the Admissions Office re qualifications for the Veteran's programs. They also have a specific office to help Veterans understand their benefits:

    Charleston Southern University and the College of Charleston offer students the opportunity to enroll in an Army ROTC program through an agreement established with the Army ROTC unit at The Citadel. There are also limited opportunities for Citadel Graduate College and Medical University of South Carolina students to enroll. Contracting opportunities are available for all students who meet the character, citizenship, age, medical and physical requirements for military service. The program may offer competitive scholarships. Students will take Army ROTC classes at their home campus or on The Citadel campus. The first two years of ROTC instruction carry no commitment and anyone can enroll to learn basic military skills, fundamentals of leadership, and to start the groundwork toward becoming an Army leader. If you have any questions please contact our Recruiting Operations Officer at (843) 953-5221 or by email at"
    Good luck - and thank you for your service. Glen
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    Veterans have always been a part of the Texas A&M Corps of Cadets and are free to join any outfit that best suits their desires and status. There are now two units that are uniquely suited to certain military veterans.

    Company V-1: Company V-1 is our day-student unit. All members of this company reside off campus but attend most Corps events. It is open for all married students, military veterans, and varsity athletes.

    D-Company: D-Company is for combat veterans only and recognizes their military accomplishments by providing a modified corps training environment. Members of D-Company can live on or off-campus. Veteran enrollment in the Corps has increased over the past several years.

    Veterans can pursue a military commission through a number of veteran programs or may elect to pursue a non-military career option.

    For More Information Visit: Veteran Services at Texas A&M

    Also see:

    Military Admissions Office

    The Military Admissions Office is available to help veterans and their dependents become admitted to Texas A&M University.

    Veteran Services Office

    The Veteran Services Office (VSO) is available to help veterans and their dependents maximize their college funding at Texas A&M University. Over 2,700 students, both veterans and dependents of veterans, currently receive veterans’ educational benefits at our institution.

    Veteran Resource & Support Center

    The Veteran Resource & Support Center (VRSC) is available to help veterans and their dependents get connected with the resources, associations, and networks of support available to them at Texas A&M University and in the local community

    and for a list of its sundry rankings related to veterans:
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    As I understand, there are no specific veteran's options at VMI. Even as a veteran you still must complete the ratline and be a barracks-living cadet 24/7. If you want that experience, great! If not, I'd recommend the options at Virginia Tech, The Citadel, Texas A&M, Norwich, or North Georgia.
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    VMI is like the Service Academies in this regard.
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    "prior-service", "National Guard"

    Just giving you a hard time man.

    I spoke with the Citadel in this aspect. They truly like veterans on campus, but they give 'em breathing space. Which is good. If I were, I'd apply to all military colleges you're interested in, and see who gives you an offer. Also, don't be afraid to ask for a fee waiver.

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