Vice Pres Nomination


Mar 6, 2017
So I want to begin the vice presidential nomination process for next year but there are several things left unclear on the official website...

1) What forms should I use for letter of recommendation?
2) How many letters of recommendation do I need?
3) Am I allowed to use the same letter of recommendations when apply for other nominations?
4) Do I have to submit the online portion of the nomination process around the same time I mail my transcripts, scores and letters or am I allowed to submit both at different dates?

Thanks in advance!

I know you said you already looked but here is the website again. All of the questions you asked can be answered. But the bottom line is that you don't send any letters of recommendation for the VP nomination. The Academies decide who gets the VP Nomination. You do however have to write an essay.

"Due to a large volume of applicants (usually several thousand per academy), the Vice President has authorized the academies to evaluate all applications and rank them according to qualifications. In screening candidates, the academies evaluate an individual's high school or college academic record, results of the ACT and SAT tests, recommendations from individuals who are in a position to judge the applicant's character and academic potential, and physical and medical qualifications. In view of this screening by the academies, it is important that all correspondence subsequent to actual application (e.g., letters of recommendation, high school and college transcripts and ACT/SAT examination results) be forwarded directly to the academy when requested. Do not send this information directly to the Vice President."
Thanks. How difficult is it to get a VP nom awarded by the SAs ?
The VP is allowed to have up to 5 people at a particular service academy at one time, so 5 at USNA, 5 at USAFA ect. This means one person will get a VP nomination a year.